Precipitated Barium Sulfate For Sale

Our company manufacture the barium sulfates for many years,and the main color of the barium sulphate are wihte and black.and the min purity of the barium sulphate is 99.5%, have the high density of 2.284g / cm 3. The main uses of Barium Sulfate Uses are in Manufacturing :the substance is used in the production of Artificial ivory ,Photographic papers Oil cloth, Polymeric fibers,Cellophane,Filler for rubber,Paper,Lithographic inks,Resins,Linoleum,Water-color pigment, for use in colored paper in wallpaper,For radiation shield in heavy concrete,And the barium also well used in the area of Modification. It may also be used as a size for modifying the colors in other pigments. It is also used to coat moulds used in metal casting so as to prevent bonding of the molten metal with the mould.

In soil pH test:
Barium sulfate is also used during this test to separate out any particle (generally clay particles) that may make it difficult to see the color of the pH indicator and make the test difficult.
Other Uses of Barium sulfate:
The substance is also used in
·Root canal filling
·Episal salt
·Anacoustic foams
·Brake linings
·Powder coatings
Packaging Details:
Plastic And Paper Compound Wove Bag,25 Kg Per Plastic Woven Bag; 1,000 Kg Per Pallet.

our company as a barium salt factory in china ,if you need that pls contact us.