wholesale Precipitated Barium Sulfate

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The products include:  Precipitated Barium Sulfate , Strontium Carbonate, Chlorinated Polyethylene and so on. We have rich experience of project solution, welcome customers to visit our factory, “make friends first, then make business”, welcome abroad old and new customers negotiate business with us, we will supply the best quality products and services.
Precipitated Barium Sulfate supplier
Precipitated Barium Sulfate  Appcation:
Mainly used in powder coating industry. This barium sulphate's Distribution of Particle size is narrow. Features include thin coating, good leveling and strong refraction; Mainly used in paint, ink, rubber, plastics, batteries and other industries. Can effectively enhance the mechanical properties of engineering plastics, high-grade electrical insulation plastic, rubber products. Has a strong anti-radiation capacity .
25 kg with paper or woven bags lined with plastic bag, avoid rain, moisture and exposure should be in the process of transportation. Also can be packed as customers’ requirement.
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