Buy Barium Nitrate Onlin in China

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Barium nitrate is white crystal or powder, density:3.24, Barium nitrate can be solubled in water, insolubled in homeopathic alcohol and concentrated nitric acid, melting point is 592°c, Barium nitrate will break dowm at high temperature, Barium nitrate is oxidizer, burned and exploded when mixed with organic material, producing green light,belongs to toxic substance.
Barium Nitrate in china
Molecular Formula: Ba(NO3)2                         
Molecular Weight: 261.34
CAS No.: 10022-31-8        
Property : Colorless or white cubic crystal or powder .density 3.24 , melting point:592°C,dissolve in water, not dissolve in alcohol and concentrated nitric acid .It can decompose into oxide, meantime give out green light when combusting under high temperature ,noxious.
Packing: Net each in 25kg plastic woven bag, lined with PE bag.
Usage: For making barium oxide,barium peroxide .optical glass ,pottery frit ,
Explosive burning-rate accelerator ,green fireworks ,signal flare ,tracer bullet, preservative, chemical reagent ,medicine and metal heat treatment etc.
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