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Hebei Harmany Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Hebei Harmony Enterprise Co., Ltd stands among the foremost manufacturers and exporters of barium salts and strontium salts. We dedicate ourselves to the steady and long-term cooperation with customers home and abroad with the principles of sincerity, coordination and value promotion. 
We are one of th...
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  • Strontium Hydroxide Octahy... 2019-04-23

    Usage for Strontium Hydroxide Octahydrate CAS 1311-10-0 : Used for producing strontium lubricating w...

  • Barium Chloride Dihydrate ... 2019-04-18

    Barium chloride dihydrate 10326-27-9 is White crystalline or granular powder. Taste a little bitter ...

  • Electroplating industry st... 2019-04-16

    Barium Chloride Dihydrate Synonyms: Bariumdichloridedihydrate;HYDROCHLORIC ACID BARIUM SALT DIHYDRAT...

  • factory supply Barium meta... 2019-04-11

    Barium metaborate with factory supply : Usage: Barium Metaborate is new non-toxic anticorrosive pi...

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